Every cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. Just think about the assault we can make on Abbott in every policy area.
Things might be looking up in New England. Labor cant win but a progressive Independent named Rob Taber can. If he can run second to Joyce, he can win with Labor and other preferences and Barnaby Joyce will be just a bad memory, a very bad memory as any progressive person from Queensland can attest. Tony Windsor is all over the Armidale Express endorsing Rob Taber.
Abbott will have trouble controlling the Liberal Party. The largest faction by far is the reactionaries. Definitionally they are the least talented and they include Abbott. Then we have a plethora of single member factions. Then we have the loudmouths who immiserate the powerless for their own advancement. Here we find Morrison and Eric Abetz.
All the time servers in the Shadow Cabinet have been promised Cabinet positions. They are not going to like Abbott when he shunts them. This is where his problems begin. Many have been lied to for the sake of pre election stability.
There are home truths ahead for Abbott in the Foreign Policy area. America is not a colony of Britain. Britain is broke. The Scots want to leave Britain . The Welsh want to leave Britain. Prosperous british live in California. The Queen and Charles interfere with Parliament. Another Charles got his head cut off for doing this. It always looked like a great idea to me. Those Windsors never were very bright.
Abbotts values are crap. To make matters worse they are ill thought out crap. Younger Australians will eventually completely disconnect Australian Nationalisn from Abbotts british colonialism. Then it will be over for Abbott and his absurd values. Keynes said . When the facts change I change my mind, but this is not Abbott. He just trucks on with his delusions. A good Labor Leader could make a meal of Abbott in one term

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Practice post

Catholic people came to Australia from everywhere. They built a life for themselves and contributed to the community. Many built a good life and made a significant contribution.
Then along came perverted priests and scumbag Liberal and National Party politicians. They sullied the very good reputation Catholics have earned for themselves. My Parents and my Grandparents would weep. I turned away from religion completely.
Many young people view Tony Abbott with such revulsion that they are turning away from Democracy. The present senior students at his old school view him with scorn and have publicly said so as a group.
I just cant accept that Australians would vote him into high office.

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Tora Tora Tora

WHEN Kieren Gilbert from Sky News says Abbotts parental leave scheme is a very bad idea, it is time for Kev to make his final assault right there.
Gilbert is a mindless, but hitherto effective propagandist for Abbott. Abbotts policy is elitist. Abbotts policy is a drain on the taxpayer as much as on big business. Abbotts policy helps merchant bankers wanting to have children and helps them mightily. Abbotts policy deprives retired people of income from dividends. Abbotts policy deprives all superannuants of growth in annual yield.
Abbotts policy was made on the fly. It was even opposed by his hillbilly mates in the National Party and is opposed by both the sane and the insane in his own Party and it is Abbotts only foray into leadership. It is the only idea that has ever come in to his vacant imagination.
This is better than John Hewsons cake. If Tom terrific McMahon and our mates from the Obama Camp cant destroy Abbott with this one , they should get a job as peacekeepers somewhere.
Their attack ads are just beautiful . The peacekeeping fraternity will have to wait.

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This is the End

Tony Abbott doesn’t beat his gums for no reason at all. There are too many lives to be made more difficult and too many lies yet to be told.
When he says he wont be part of a minority Government it means his internal polling is telling him there is a good chance of a hung Parliament. He is simply trying to frighten voters into giving him a majority. Truth is the Hung Parliament worked Quite Well. It is Abbott who tried to wreck it because he couldn’t control it.
This means Kevs internal polling would be saying the same thing, but Kev has Bandt , Wilkie and Katter up his sleeve.
Such polls take no account of marginal seat campaigning. Kev will be at Sky tonight to debate the economy. Abbott has said he wont be there.This will not go down well in the Marginals. There are about 15 Liberal Marginals and Kev can win all of them, by his superior campaigning skills, coupled with Abbotts character flaws and lack of policy knowledge thrown up by the campaign.
To add to Abbotts problems, he clearly represents some very nasty, very rich people and their vested interests. Australian voters wont wear this crowd. Not now, not ever.

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Abbott’s campaign launch

Why is Abbott holding his launch in Queensland . His conservative newspaper polls tell us he has won convincingly up there. Abbott has no connection with Queensland. Conservatives up there have too much class for him and conservatives in Queensland are genuine hillbillies. May I cite Barnaby Joyce. It tells me Abbott knows the polls have been tricked up to discourage progressive voters and that th…e election is very much a contest. The Greens, Katter and Palmer are all preferencing Rudd. It will be a big help. Remember what happened to President Obama in the last election. Murdochs newspapers and their polls said he would lose badly. He won easily. Rudd must do what Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did. They campaigned vigorously until the last minute of the last day.
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Are the major parties really that similar?

I understand the argument that the major parties are similar, but I think the differences are so stark that the argument fails. Keating should not have introduced neo liberal economics. Even Bob Katter knows that. He should not have sold the Commonwealth Bank and he should not have allowed Murdoch to buy the Herald and Weekly Times. It is not too late to unscramble the egg and these would be my targets. I like markets about as much as I like monarchy. Government should have a greater role in the allocation of resources.
The Greens are doing well. We need a high Greens vote so they can block Abbott in the Senate. Rational man does not have a mandate to ignore science and planting trees cannot absorb carbon to the extent needed.
We could get another chance at Abbott fairly soon. He will go with the Double Dissolution election because he is unhinged and is committed to doing so to repeal carbon tax.

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Is Newspoll fiddling the figures?

It is bad for business to be wrong and Newspoll has been creating a false picture of voting intentions for some time. Nobody would argue with these two propositions. So instead of interpreting reality, Newspoll is now focused on altering reality by bringing voter intentions in line with its bias, so it can remain accurate. It does this with a constant stream of negative polls. If big business isnt running this election, why is it that the Institute of Public Affairs isnt moaning about big business having to pay for Abbotts paid parental leave scheme. Just imagine what would happen if Rudd financed his parental leave scheme from the same source. It is all very simple. Does anyone think Abbott is a saleable commodity ? No chance! In its first incarnation as the United Australia Party, the Liberal Party failed because of its association with big business. It will fail again for the same reason. How can Abbott be so stupid grubby and opportunistic?… I will tell you how. We have been passengers. We havent been looking after our Democracy. We have allowed ourselves to be in the thrall of distractions such as invasion and reckless spending. Abbott is such a liar and an opportunist that his own people will turn against him. There are still Liberals in the Liberal Party and I think they are on the move. Washer and Turnbull and others are people of integrity. We need a lot less of Murdochs football and a lot more concentration on his own behaviour. Perhaps he thought we wouldnt see the connection between his media, his football and the loss of our democracy.
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