Monarchists are running the stupid line that the Queen is Australian. If the Queen was Australian she would be in jail for breaches of The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 because the Act also deals with religious discrimination. No one in Australia is above the Law. It is called Democracy.
During the Republic Referendum 1999 the leading monarchist spruiker was Tony Abbott. He told us the Queen is our mother. You all now know what a liar Abbott is and how he will weave together any bullshit story that suits his purposes.
Lately we have seen extreme examples of what desperate people will say in public life and the monarchists are desperate people. They will not give up because influence is at stake.
They will gain nothing from being part of the Australian Presidents religion, if she has one, because religion will be a private matter, as it always should have been. That the royals exploited it as a power base makes them difficult to shift , but shift them we will.
Make no mistake about it: This debate is a contest for hegemony between the british god, the british flag, the british empire and the british bible on the one side and the values and ethos of religious equality, human equality and the republicanism inherent in Australian Nationalism on the other: Our traditions or their traditions: our nation or their nation . It is very simple.
If they had a worthwhile culture they wouldnt be going frantic over a baby. You dont need to be a psychologist to work this out. Any sociologist will tell you why the royals meshed their religion with the State. Yet another attempt to consolidate power in the hands of monarchy and monarchists.
How can they be so dumb as to think we wouldnt work it out, as standards of education rose in Australia.

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