Beatie is Back

Peter Beattie will storm home in Forde. He is even more popular in Queensland than either Kev or Mal Meninga. He could criss cross the State endlessly keeping the barbarians at bay and fighting the good fight.
There are three soft labor seats in Victoria and three in New South Wales. An argument framed as the people against Murdoch and some concentrated attention by Kev could keep them all.
There are also liberal seats around the country he could pick off: Solomon and Dunkley. He could also win Melbourne and Denison. Keating thought 93 was the Election for the true believers!
Julie Bishop suggested on Lateline last night that Kev is a bit bonkers. This is not the view of the worlds Foreign Ministers or Leaders. They know Kev much better than Julie Bishop does. This Lady reduces her own very limited credibility at every outing.
What we have now is Hockeys magic pudding economics. Abbotts reduction in company tax to stimulate yachtbrokers. Pyne is too discredited to put in front of a camera. Morrison doesnt have boats to salivate over and I would like Malcolm to know my N B N is free and works beautifully.
I may even be at Rudds bash on election night. My mate Todd is getting his Masters in Education on Election day. He lives in Griffith and is a keen party worker and has invited me up to Brisbane for his Graduation. I might mention that neither of us have ever been to a graduation. We are fairly informal types.
It beats the hell out of being in Armidale and watching that dropkick Barnaby Joyce having a good time.

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