Sounds easy when you say it like that

Jeff Kennett is bagging the Greens unmercifully in Victoria which suggests to me that the Greens are doing well there and that their vote is coming from the liberals. There are many people in Australia who are actually Liberals. These people are not represented in any way by Abbott. This completes the first leg of the strategy for retaining government for our dear leader. These Green preferences will come to us.
We dont need to waste resources in Melbourne or Denison. Adam Bandt is not going to support Abbott and Wilkies constituency is on the left of politics. He is not going to abandon his base for the honour and glory of supporting Abbott. He is not that silly.
Rudd needs to win Dunkley and Solomon to make up for Lyne and New England and he needs to hold Latrobe and Carangamite. This is where resources used trying to oust Adam Bandt should be spent.
In New South Wales, we can win Greenway. If we do this we can keep other doubtfuls and we can win Bennelong because we have a star candidate in . It will compensate for Dobell.
In Queensland, Beattie can keep our seats and win six more. The sooner Steve Bracks is parachuted into a seat in Victoria the better. In addition, we need half the two party preferred vote and 38% of the primary vote. All of this is achievable. This is my sketch of the path to victory by way of a hung parliament leaning our way.
We need to be audacious and we need that pom Tom Watson from the House of Commons to tell voters the truth about Murdoch. I saw him in action shafting that lying ant Murdoch and I was very impressed. We also need Obamas election winning specialists. They found votes in Ohio and Florida no one thought existed and they won the day for the coolest dude on earth.
The economy is everything for conservatives. Ask Abbott for the linkage between avoiding the Global Financial Crisis and Howards budget surplus. There is none and any economist would say so. In fact, the more eminent they are the more certain they are. Abbott is full of shit. He is an offence to any passably intelligent human being. The economy is where we can turn the election back our way.
In sum, we need Abbott discredited in the economic realm, a high Green vote, 38% of the primary vote and a level two party preferred to defeat Abbott. After the first week all of it is doable and dont forget the newly enrolled youth vote and social media. It will go off in Abbotts face.

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