The Republic of Asia

There is a dimension of the Republic Debate which is never adequately canvassed. Our future is in Asia. This much is acknowledged. If we want prestige in Asia, flicking monarchy is not an option, it is a prerequisite. The british are not well regarded in Asia. Their bullshit didnt fly at Singapore and our involvement with them through a common head of state is a liability. The british destroyed the Chinese economy by stealing their tea plants and replanting them in India. Like the Irish and the Scots, the Asians dont forget. Frankly the Malays preferred the Japanese. (history channel 606).
However we construe our Constitution, we are seen as a colony, a dominion, a fiefdom of Britain, too insecure to flick them off, a step many Asian countries have taken with a great deal of pride and no small amount of relief. Asians couldn’t give a rats arse about the liberating provisions of the Australia Act 1986. What they see is the mewling and fawning that goes on during royal visits and in the media continually. It is mind boggling and mindless. So are we Australian nationalists or British colonials. The presence or absence of British monarchy determines this. The two values systems are a contradiction. It is absurd for monarchists to say we can be everything we want to be and keep British monarchy.
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