Australian Liberals will undermine our society

Australian conservatives dont care about Technology, ( N B N ). They dont care about Science, (climate change). They dont care about Religious Equality, (The Republic) and they dont care about Human Equality,( Gay Marriage). A political party supporting advancement of the human condition needs more funds than conservative parties do. It needs more public servants than conservative parties do, because it needs more programs implemented. So this is where the conservatives attack. We become profligate big spenders wasting money. It strikes a chord in vacant minds and it is all done to entrench conservatism. It takes education to locate their motive , so they regress education. As for their objections to tax. Will their accountant take them to hospital if they are in an accident. What grasping insecure people they are. If they travelled they might notice how advanced societies behave. I have a friend who was Professor of Nursing at the State University of Norway. They have none of our confected problems. All groups in society are content. The wealthy give a lot back. The rest have high standards of health , housing and education because they and the more prosperous groups are happy to pay high taxes. There are also high levels of social mobility. If you get left behind brother , you need to work at it. My friend confirms with empirical evidence exactly what I read. What a grubby lot our conservatives are. How short sighted! How visionless! and basically how stupid. People in Norway spend their spare time in living , loving, literature and the arts and cooperatively building an even better society, while the dregs of humanity promote conflict and strife in Australia. How many times did Abbott try to bring down a perfectly functioning democratic Parliament, just to bring in legislation to feed the greed of his constituents and their interest groups.
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