Are the major parties really that similar?

I understand the argument that the major parties are similar, but I think the differences are so stark that the argument fails. Keating should not have introduced neo liberal economics. Even Bob Katter knows that. He should not have sold the Commonwealth Bank and he should not have allowed Murdoch to buy the Herald and Weekly Times. It is not too late to unscramble the egg and these would be my targets. I like markets about as much as I like monarchy. Government should have a greater role in the allocation of resources.
The Greens are doing well. We need a high Greens vote so they can block Abbott in the Senate. Rational man does not have a mandate to ignore science and planting trees cannot absorb carbon to the extent needed.
We could get another chance at Abbott fairly soon. He will go with the Double Dissolution election because he is unhinged and is committed to doing so to repeal carbon tax.

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