Is Newspoll fiddling the figures?

It is bad for business to be wrong and Newspoll has been creating a false picture of voting intentions for some time. Nobody would argue with these two propositions. So instead of interpreting reality, Newspoll is now focused on altering reality by bringing voter intentions in line with its bias, so it can remain accurate. It does this with a constant stream of negative polls. If big business isnt running this election, why is it that the Institute of Public Affairs isnt moaning about big business having to pay for Abbotts paid parental leave scheme. Just imagine what would happen if Rudd financed his parental leave scheme from the same source. It is all very simple. Does anyone think Abbott is a saleable commodity ? No chance! In its first incarnation as the United Australia Party, the Liberal Party failed because of its association with big business. It will fail again for the same reason. How can Abbott be so stupid grubby and opportunistic?… I will tell you how. We have been passengers. We havent been looking after our Democracy. We have allowed ourselves to be in the thrall of distractions such as invasion and reckless spending. Abbott is such a liar and an opportunist that his own people will turn against him. There are still Liberals in the Liberal Party and I think they are on the move. Washer and Turnbull and others are people of integrity. We need a lot less of Murdochs football and a lot more concentration on his own behaviour. Perhaps he thought we wouldnt see the connection between his media, his football and the loss of our democracy.
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