This is the End

Tony Abbott doesn’t beat his gums for no reason at all. There are too many lives to be made more difficult and too many lies yet to be told.
When he says he wont be part of a minority Government it means his internal polling is telling him there is a good chance of a hung Parliament. He is simply trying to frighten voters into giving him a majority. Truth is the Hung Parliament worked Quite Well. It is Abbott who tried to wreck it because he couldn’t control it.
This means Kevs internal polling would be saying the same thing, but Kev has Bandt , Wilkie and Katter up his sleeve.
Such polls take no account of marginal seat campaigning. Kev will be at Sky tonight to debate the economy. Abbott has said he wont be there.This will not go down well in the Marginals. There are about 15 Liberal Marginals and Kev can win all of them, by his superior campaigning skills, coupled with Abbotts character flaws and lack of policy knowledge thrown up by the campaign.
To add to Abbotts problems, he clearly represents some very nasty, very rich people and their vested interests. Australian voters wont wear this crowd. Not now, not ever.

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