Tora Tora Tora

WHEN Kieren Gilbert from Sky News says Abbotts parental leave scheme is a very bad idea, it is time for Kev to make his final assault right there.
Gilbert is a mindless, but hitherto effective propagandist for Abbott. Abbotts policy is elitist. Abbotts policy is a drain on the taxpayer as much as on big business. Abbotts policy helps merchant bankers wanting to have children and helps them mightily. Abbotts policy deprives retired people of income from dividends. Abbotts policy deprives all superannuants of growth in annual yield.
Abbotts policy was made on the fly. It was even opposed by his hillbilly mates in the National Party and is opposed by both the sane and the insane in his own Party and it is Abbotts only foray into leadership. It is the only idea that has ever come in to his vacant imagination.
This is better than John Hewsons cake. If Tom terrific McMahon and our mates from the Obama Camp cant destroy Abbott with this one , they should get a job as peacekeepers somewhere.
Their attack ads are just beautiful . The peacekeeping fraternity will have to wait.

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