Every cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. Just think about the assault we can make on Abbott in every policy area.
Things might be looking up in New England. Labor cant win but a progressive Independent named Rob Taber can. If he can run second to Joyce, he can win with Labor and other preferences and Barnaby Joyce will be just a bad memory, a very bad memory as any progressive person from Queensland can attest. Tony Windsor is all over the Armidale Express endorsing Rob Taber.
Abbott will have trouble controlling the Liberal Party. The largest faction by far is the reactionaries. Definitionally they are the least talented and they include Abbott. Then we have a plethora of single member factions. Then we have the loudmouths who immiserate the powerless for their own advancement. Here we find Morrison and Eric Abetz.
All the time servers in the Shadow Cabinet have been promised Cabinet positions. They are not going to like Abbott when he shunts them. This is where his problems begin. Many have been lied to for the sake of pre election stability.
There are home truths ahead for Abbott in the Foreign Policy area. America is not a colony of Britain. Britain is broke. The Scots want to leave Britain . The Welsh want to leave Britain. Prosperous british live in California. The Queen and Charles interfere with Parliament. Another Charles got his head cut off for doing this. It always looked like a great idea to me. Those Windsors never were very bright.
Abbotts values are crap. To make matters worse they are ill thought out crap. Younger Australians will eventually completely disconnect Australian Nationalisn from Abbotts british colonialism. Then it will be over for Abbott and his absurd values. Keynes said . When the facts change I change my mind, but this is not Abbott. He just trucks on with his delusions. A good Labor Leader could make a meal of Abbott in one term

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