About Me

allgau-63427I come from the Great Southeast of Queensland. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Warwick have been my patch. I came to Armidale to study the Social Sciences almost twenty years ago and formed a deep fondness for New England. My family came here five years ago. I was the family child minder and was delighted to return permanently. I am greatly enjoying watching my grandchildren grow and mature.

I studied Law in Brisbane many years ago and worked in the field on and off until around 1995. I did some socially valuable work at different times, but I saw Politics as a more direct path to the betterment of the out groups. In the Law I could only help my particular client , one at a time.

I have always been interested in studying society, with emphasis on how it is structured, for whose benefit and to whose detriment. None of this came about by accident , nor did it evolve. To this end I immersed myself in Sociology,History, Political Science and Public Policy, with enough Economics to fully understand my chosen public policy area, which is unemployment and its relationship with the labour market.

When I write I take pains to ensure that what I say will pass the scrutiny of my peers. They may not like my style or language, but I make sure my theory and sources will pass muster among the learned in my field. I have no choice. Armidale is a small town and I see them in town almost every day.

In turn this gives me a lot of pleasure. I have the chance to influence change in some small way and to do so with vigour based on confidence as well as conviction. I have been doing this for nearly twenty years and as I grow older it is a lot more fulfilling than playing bowls.

As a trained Public Policy student, I think the highlight of my career as a scribbler, was to make the public policy case for an Australian Republic in my local newspaper The Armidale Express. It ran in every issue for two years. There is something special about making a comprehensive case, reasoned, fully argued and including all appropriate evidence, whether it be in Court as an Advocate or in a Newspaper as a policy wonk.


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